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Recent publications

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Biomaterial-based vaccines elicit robust antibodies

Najibi, A.J., et alAdvanced Functional Materials 2022.

Several forms of biomaterial scaffold-based vaccines led to strong and durable antibody titers against a variety of antigen targets (contraception, cancer, infectious disease).


Cryogel vaccines are effective regardless of location

Najibi, A.J., Shih, T-Y, Mooney, D.J. Biomaterials 2022.

Cryogel-based cancer vaccines generate effective T cell and antibody responses independent of injection location, relative to the draining lymph node or tumor.

PEI-condensed CpG

Ultrasound-triggered vaccine drug delivery

Shih, T-Y., Najibi, A.J., et alBiomaterials 2021.

We leveraged noninvasive ultrasound to remotely trigger release of an adjuvant from cancer vaccines.

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Chemo-immunotherapy in situ

Wang, H.*, Najibi, A.J.*, et al. Nature Communications 2020.

We used a hydrogel to both deliver chemotherapy, generating cancer antigen in situ, and concentrate activated dendritic cells to mobilize antitumor immunity, forming an effective "antigen-free" vaccine.

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Engineering lymph nodes for cancer immunotherapy

Najibi, A.J. & Mooney, D.J. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 2020.

We review cell and tissue engineering strategies involving lymph nodes to advance cancer immunotherapy. 


A cryogel vaccine against acute myeloid leukemia

Shah, N.J.*, Najibi, A.J.*, et al. Nature Biomedical Engineering 2020.

We developed a cryogel-based vaccine which provides prophylactic immunity against acute myeloid leukemia and, in combination with chemotherapy, eradicates established disease.

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Recruited T cells rescue ischemic tissue.

Kwee, B.J., Seo, BR., Najibi, A.J., et al. Science Advances 2019.

A biomaterial scaffold implanted into an ischemic limb recruited antigen-specific Th2-type CD4+ T cells generated by a prior vaccine, supporting angiogenesis and muscle regeneration.


Chemo-immunotherapy with multi-scale materials.

Bauleth-Ramos, T., Shih, T-Y., Shahbazi, M-A., Najibi, A.J., et al. Adv. Funct. Mater. 2019.

Vaccine scaffolds enhanced delivery of chemotherapeutic nanoparticles to tumors.

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CD4 T cells can boost muscle regeneration.

Kwee, B.J., Budina, E., Najibi, A.J., et al. Biomaterials 2018.

Factors secreted from Th2 and Th17 CD4+ T cells, but not Th1 T cells, supported angiogenesis and myogenesis and may be harnessed to treat ischemic disease.

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